Integrity & Honesty
We seek consistent adherence to an ethical and moral code by demonstrating truthfulness and fairness in all our dealings and operate not only within the line of law but seek to operate within the spirit of such laws.
Trust and Respect
We operate with honourable intentions and genuinely put forward our best efforts each and every day. We believe everyone deserves to be treated with courtesy and dignity and we endeavour to do so.
Teamwork and Support
We recognize that our progress and success is the result of the efforts of many people working towards a common goal. We seek to acknowledge individual contributions and encourage each other to work to the very best of our individual and collective abilities.
Agency Objective
To pursue & preserve evidence of truth and thus assist our clients in making the best decisions possible based on “Accurate Information from a Reliable Source”.
Secrecy & Confidentiality
We focus on providing our clients with the information they need and provide it to them in the right context. Whether it is due diligence, background checks investigations, financial profiles, litigation support, competitor analysis or a marketing research, we provide it to the client within your time frame and budget.
Infringement of Trademark, Copyright & Patent
Lots of counterfeit products go undetected due to similar looks to the authentic ones damage the reputation and sales of the original manufacturer. IPI&D investigates the suspected activities of the counterfeiter and their agents to identify the spurious product - manufacturing units, distributors and wholesalers and obtain evidence for legal measures. We have a panel of excellent lawyers who are experienced in the same field for legal proceedings.

For tracing and locating the counterfeiter and their associates our special team conducts a market survey to seek out the origin of an identified infringement by ascertaining the product route from source of supply back to the manufacturer and further conduct the raids under the Trade Mark and Copyright Act with the help of police crime branch.
Our Team
We have an all India network of our Regional Managers, Raid Managers, Investigators, Field Officers. Our investigators are geographically located all over India. We have investigators in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Telengana, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, West Bengal. It is the largest syndicate of investigators of its type in the country and deals with every field of business, be it consumer products, movies, industrial appliances, heavy machinery, scientific invention, software literature, etc. the list is endless. Our professional team is well educated, trained technically, young and dynamic and well known to the trade all over the Country. They are efficient and well versed with all the legal laws and concerned authorities. They liaison between the firms and the enforcement agency (IAS & IPS Officer) across the country and take care of all the matters on your behalf right from beginning to the end. Our team has shown phenomenal achievement and have taken 1500 to 2000 successful Enforcement Actions to their credit. They continue doing their work in same spirit.
Legal Team
We have our own legal team comprising of eminent lawyers proficient with Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright Patent, Criminal Law, etc. They play a very crucial role in our firm. After we have conducted search and seizure operations, it is our legal team who drafts the cases in the very best manner so as to ensure strict action and long term punishment.
Policy Liasoning
Cracking down culprits involved in cases of Intellectual Property Rights, Copyrights or Piracy requires the help of the local police authorities. This work is specified and very important and is often overlooked by companies because of lack of experienced personnel. IPI&D bridges this gap between the company and the authorities by training investigators about the business of Intellectual Property Rights and using their knowledge to liaison with the enforcement agency ensuring perfect enforcement of our plan.